Mergers, Alliances and Partnerships

Business growth can be attained by organic growth as well as acquiring customers and developing new products for both new and existing customers. While these methods may achieve incremental growth they are unlikely to scale the business to a new level. This scaled growth can be achieved through transformation scale initiatives, significant capital investment, mergers, alliances and partnerships. augmentures’ service steers the organisation through the process of sourcing an appropriate partner and facilitating deal structuring for both parties. 

augmenture has access to a global network of similar principals throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, who can assist in facilitation of introductions in these markets. It can also facilitate introductions for qualified opportunities seeking international funding, as well as facilitating IPOs in Asia, Europe and the United States. The assessment process for mergers, partnerships and alliances includes:

  • Opportunity viability assessment – detailed due diligence for the candidate opportunity (refer Viability Assessment Service)
  • Merger, partner or alliance search through global network
  • Detailed due diligence on the merger partner
  • Deal structuring analysis
  • Facilitation of deal